"We carry more luggage than the porters at King's Cross"

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A to Z of Period Drama

[t h a n k  y o u . i know that was a risk.] you wouldn’t expect me to be less bold than  a  w e e   s a s s e n a c h  l a s s i e ,  w o u l d   yo u ?

c: […] i’m in charge.
j: never doubted it.

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She feared the worst. That Henry would be killed, but what if he was only crippled? Or maimed? Or died a slow lingering death? What would she tell the children? How would Arthur cope as King of England at just ten years old? All the unanswerable questions chased themselves in circles around her mind, and gave her no peace, even as she knelt with her head bowed in prayer and the minutes ticked into hours. (…) That night, at the Tower, Elizabeth herself stood guard as her two Prince’s slept peacefully in their shared bed —hovering, restless, sleepless and anxious, never turning her eyes from their sleeping forms for one moment. She jumped at small noises, and her hand gripped a dagger tucked into her pomander ; she knew she was being irrational, and she could hear the crunch of the boots of the professional guards not six feet away. But, the other two Princes were guarded, too. Guards could turn the other way. Guards could be bribed…

from The White Rose and the Red (the Perkin Warbeck invasion).

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Jon & Ygritte WWI AU, inspired by this post by ygrittebardots - who should most definitely write any kind of AU for these two

                                Will you be here when I come back?

                      Will you come back?

           I will come back to you. Always.

You can’t promise that.

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